Garage Door Locksmith Services in Charlotte, NC

When your garage doors lock starts to malfunction, you need a locksmith in Charlotte NC who is knowledgeable about this type of problem. Our garage door locksmiths at Emergency Locksmith – Charlotte NC is experienced with all types of garage door locks and can provide the following garage door locksmith services:

– Replacement for broken or damaged locks on garage doors

– Installation of new locks

– Rekeying old keyless entry systems

– Installation of new keyless entry systems onto garage doors

– Repair of garage door locks damaged by fire

– Repair of old or broken tumbler systems

Why You Should Replace Your Garage Door Lock?

If you’ve noticed any of the following problems with your garage doors lock, it may be time for garage door locksmith services:

Loose Locks

If your lock is loose or wobbly, it may be time to replace the entire system. It’s not just a matter of tightening up the screw; you actually need to install an entirely new door handle and tumbler. If your garage doors lock has become rusted over time, this also contributes to any wobbling that occurs when you try to open or close it.

Lock Sticking in Place

A sticking garage doors lock can produce some frustrating problems for homeowners who are trying to enter their homes with groceries or other heavy items after returning from work each day. A simple solution like lubricating the locking mechanism should solve this problem fairly quickly without requiring entire garage door replacement (unless something else was damaged as a result)

Misaligned Locks

A misaligned garage door lock lock can prevent the handle from snapping into place. In this case, you may need to adjust the strike plate as well as replace any loose screws or bolts that are contributing to the problem. This is another situation where broken spring replacement will be necessary rather than just reattaching or tightening existing hardware components.

Inability To Open Door From Inside/Outside

If there’s ever an emergency and you find yourself locked out of your own house because either the door won’t open from inside or outside, then it might be time for a new garage doors lockset. If you have pets who accidentally get shut in without someone around to help them out, having a new lockset will be beneficial because it can prevent this from happening in the future.

Why It Is Important To Keep Your Garage Doors Locked At All Times?

Even if you’re home, it can be difficult to hear the sound of a door opening and closing in your garage. When this is combined with having several pets who love to explore everything possible throughout your house, then there are plenty of reasons why keeping your garage doors locked at all times is important for safety purposes.

Improved Security

Locking your garage door is just one of several steps that homeowners can take to improve the overall security of their property. If you’re looking for added protection, then having a new keyless entry system installed will be beneficial as well because it gives individuals with electronic access codes and biometric devices such as fingerprint readers an easier way to open up garages without relying on traditional keys or passcodes.

Added Security

Individuals who are looking to add additional security features will find that our garage door locksmith can install or repair any kind of door lock system for your garage. These garage door repair services include:

– Standard locksets with key entry and passcode readers

– Keyless entry systems (with remote access)

– Biometric fingerprint scanners (for increased safety)

User-Friendly and Smart Technology

When you have a keyless entry system installed in your garage, there’s no need to worry about losing or forgetting the original keys. However, this also means that it becomes easier for unauthorized individuals to break into your home because they can get access with an electronic code as opposed to having physical possession of a real key. With biometric fingerprint scanners, homeowners don’t have to keep track of multiple garage locks and passcodes.

Noise Reduction

Another benefit of installing a new garage doors lock system is that it can help to reduce noise levels. If you find yourself constantly having to close the garage door several times throughout the day, then this could be due to an older or worn-out lockset that’s no longer functioning properly. During this process, homeowners might also discover damage such as cracks in their garage walls and ceilings so keeping your existing hardware intact will prevent future garage door repair from occurring too soon.

Tips On Maintaining Your Locks For Maximum Security

To ensure that you get the most out of your new garage door lock system, it’s important to always maintain its components and regular upkeep.

Make Sure Your Door Is Hung Properly

If a garage door installed isn’t hung correctly, then it could be vulnerable to being pried open from the outside. This is why new garage door installations locksets and keyless entry systems can also help with security purposes because they can absorb more force so your doors will stay closed even if someone tries to break in by applying pressure or kicking them down.

Check Hardware Often For Loose Screws, Bolts, And Other Components

Worn-out locks can be pried open more easily so regularly inspect for this type of damage. If you find that your door isn’t closing completely or it opens on its own, then there could be a simple issue with the latch being too loose.

Replace Worn-out Parts Asap Because They Are Easier To Break Into

Even if your current garage lock appears okay from an outsider’s perspective, keeping track of when everything was last replaced is important for preventing further problems in the future because older hardware won’t function as well compared to new pieces.


What Is The Advantage Of Having A Keyless Entry System Installed?

A keyless entry system is beneficial for homeowners because it gives them the ability to access their garage without having a physical set of keys. This means that they can control who gets in and out with just one device, such as an electronic key fob or fingerprint scanner.

How Can I Determine If My Door Lock Is Damaged Or Not Working Properly?

If your current overhead door lock doesn’t seem like it has any visible damage but you find yourself constantly locking and unlocking your thunder garage door multiple times throughout the day, then there might be something wrong internally that needs garage door repair or replacement ASAP before further problems occur due to worn-out hardware components.

Where Can I Buy A Biometric Fingerprint Scanner For My Lockset?

A fingerprint scanner is a great option if you want increased security but still want an easy way for people who need access into your garages such as family members and delivery personnel without having to keep track of multiple passcodes or keys. These devices are available at most hardware stores and some retailers like Amazon.

What Do I Do If My Door Doesn’t Close Completely Or It Opens On Its Own?

If your commercial overhead doors doesn’t close completely or it opens on its own, then there will be some type of latch issue that needs to be repaired as soon as possible. This can usually entail tightening screws and bolts so they don’t become loose over time which increases the chances of someone breaking in through your home. So, call Emergency Locksmith – Charlotte NC right away to have all garage door repair service issues addressed.